Well-Equipped Conference Rooms


The Business Growth Center, located in the Scibelli Enterprise Center, has conference rooms that well meet its members’ and tenants’ needs. Ranging in size from a capacity of six to 45, businesses affiliated with the Growth Center can use these rooms for team or customer meetings. A Polycom teleconference unit is available upon request; all conference rooms have hard-wired and wireless access to the Internet.

Conference rooms and their capacities:

  • Hasbro: 6 to 8
  • Peter Pan: 10 to 12, equipped with a projector
  • Deliso Lounge: 8 to 10
  • Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame: 15 to 18
  • Computer Lab: 12 to 14, equipped with a projector and 13 workstations
  • SEC Training Room: 28 to 30, equipped with a projector and a podium
  • Teleclassroom: 40 to 45, equipped with a projector, sound system, VCR and computer with DVD player, and a podium

The Business Growth Center also has a special program for pre-revenue companies looking for that right meeting space to sign their first contract. These companies can use a conference room in the Growth Center, free of charge, up to four times per year.

Conferences rooms are for tenants and Business Growth Center programming only, and at the discretion of the director.

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