You Know You Want to Grow

The televisi14158_056on ads during the Super Bowl are legendary. We all have our favorites and suffer through the duds. This year, it was Chevrolet’s “You Know You Want a Truck” slogan for its new Colorado truck that caught my attention. It is so simple and effective.

At the Business Growth Center, our slogan for capturing the attention of existing business owners could easily be, “You Know You Want to Grow.” If I was going to run a half dozen television spots, I might feature several versions of business owners— dreaming about their growth goals, more capabilities, more customers, more sales, increased profitability and more employees. These are the kinds of things business owners are focused on when they walk through our door or call our office. They are seeking growth.

So how do you grow? If only it was as easy as buying a new truck.

Dreaming is the first, necessary step. The harder next step is converting those dreams into concrete plans. Your plans will be best when supported by the numbers, but if your assessment and planning skills need some fine tuning, I’d strongly encourage you to take the STRONGER BUSINESSES Program™ starting on March 20 . Every business that’s taken it previously has experienced some sort of growth.

If you watched the Super Bowl—the actual football game (and not just the ads) —you saw very intentional strategy and plays by both teams. Although each team couldn’t predict how the competition would respond, the players were prepared and practiced. Although there were mistakes made, they continued to execute with their goals in mind. Of course, luck played a role, too.

Truth is, it’s all the same in business; growth doesn’t happen by accident.

So go put your game hat on and get busy. You Know You Want to Grow.